About Our Philanthropy Group - CA Kids Giving Back


Hello! We are sisters, Brooke and Taylor Rowen.  In 2016, when we were ages 6 & 8 we founded OC Kids Giving Back with our friends in Orange County.   Our cousins, Hailey and Leah (see below!) also started LA Kids Giving Back, and we were so excited to have two chapters.  OC Kids is a philanthropy club that helps plan service events and hold drives for non-profits.  We plan and organize the events, and our moms and dads just help a little. 


Some of the things we have done is help raise money and donations for WHW, Irvine Animal Care Center, OC Rescue Mission, and Thomas House Family Shelter and many more that you can see on our Impact page of our website.   We have a puppy named Lucky who we love, so we also like to plan events supporting animals. We share about our events on our blog and create you tube videos to support these philanthropies.  Check out these pages on our website!


Our goal is to make the world a better place and teach other kids about compassion. We would also love to inspire others to do the same thing. It will be a hard goal to achieve but with your help we can do it.  Let’s Go!

- Taylor (age 10) and Brooke (age 12), founders of OC Kids Giving Back

Hi! We are also sisters, and we love working with our cousins, Brooke and Taylor, and our friends to give back to the community.  We started LA Kids Giving Back in 2016 when we were 5 and 7.  Just like OC Kids Giving Back, we are a philanthropy group that helps a lot of different charities. In the past we have helped Present Now, which is a domestic violence shelter, Cancer Free Generation, which is helping to find a cure for cancer, Baby2baby, which helps underprivileged kids, LA Family Housing, which helps people experiencing homelessness, and Wags and Walks, a no-kill dog shelter.  Our puppy, Daisy loves that we plan events that help dogs!


We have hosted clothing drives, lemonade stands, events where we made DIY dog toys, events where we visit senior living centers, and raffles that help raise money to support our favorite charities.  Our goal is to do as much as we can to help people, the earth, and animals, but what makes us even happier is when we can inspire other people to give back.  We like to make "how to" videos that we post on our YouTube channel so that other kids can watch them and host their own events.  Another thing that makes us proud is when non-profits reach out to CA Kids Giving Back for help!  It makes us happy that they know they can always count on us. I hope we have inspired you to donate to these wonderful charities! Let’s go!

- Leah (age 9) and Hailey (age 11), founders of LA Kids Giving Back

In 2017, together with our cousins and friends we launched our 3rd chapter, San Diego Kids Giving Back! We were so happy to inspire a new chapter.  San Diego has done events supporting San Diego Youth Services, The Coronado Public Library, San Diego Unified District - Homeless, and many others.