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  • Taylor Rowen

OC Kids Supports OC Rescue Mission During Thanksgiving

This past November over Thanksgiving, we supported OC Rescue Mission, which is a homeless shelter for families that provides many services. OC Rescue Missions was in urgent need of food in November and still needs food to support their families. Because of COVID 19, a lot of families experienced homelessness and at the sametime, many people are donating less to non-profits. That causes shelters to need more food and money during the holidays to provide for their families. Our friend Bella organized the event, and spread the word to OC Kids Giving Back families and neighbors. We gathered many bags of food to donate.

We need to be grateful for everything we have in this time. Let’s do our part to help others that need help! For more information on how to help OC Rescue Mission, please visit their website:


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