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Making Baked Goods for OC Rescue Mission!

Taylor Rowen and I made many homemade baked goods and yummy treats for the OC Rescue Mission. We made mini cupcakes, crispy rice treats, cake bread, and chocolate chip cookies. OC Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization located in Tustin. I realized that many people in homeless shelters don't get to have the luxury of fresh, homemade goods. I realized that I wanted to make this mt Bnai mitzvah project when I volunteered for the thanksgiving dinner at the MIssion. Although I wasn't in charge of preparing food, I was able to see what they were making. I remember seeing sandwiches with small slabs of turkey, little side salads, and a store-bought brownie or cookie. I realized how I had so much access to a lot of yummy foods, while most others don't. I realized that I wanted to make goodie bags filled with homemade treats, and nice notes. I love baking, and I want to spread the love to others!


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