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  • Jerome King

Helping Kids During the Coronavirus

A lot of kids are stuck inside small shelters because of Coronavirus right here in Orange County. These kids would really love some new toys and games to play with. Many of us are inside cleaning out our closets and finding a lot of toys and games that we do not need anymore. Please help these kids in shelters by donating some of your toys to them. I bet that new toys would make these kids really happy. Please watch my video, and let's help these kids! You can drop off toys and games without going near any people. You can either leave them on my porch or take them to the outside drop-off at the O.C. Rescue Mission. If you leave them on my porch, we will take them to the Mission for you. Text or email me or my mom at or Thank you!!!

**Please take a picture of you with your donation bag and email it to or so that we can post it on our website.**

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