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  • Hailey Miller

Stop the spread of Coronavirus!!

As you know, there is a Coronavirus outbreak going on right now. This video teaches you how to how to wash your hands well to prevent getting sick and also to stop the spread of the disease so we can keep our world safe. Washing your hands is THE BEST WAY to make sure you are safe. Here is the step by step process:

  1. Wet your hands

  2. Get soap

  3. Pray

  4. Pet the dog

  5. Butterfly

  6. Milk the cow

  7. Rock Paper Scissors

  8. Spiders

  9. Rinse your hands well for 5-10 seconds

  10. Dry your hands, preferably on a paper towel

If you don’t have a sink nearby, you can do the same process with hand sanitizer, but washing your hands is always the best. Thank you Wilder for showing us how to properly wash our hands during the Coronavirus. Some children have sensitive respiratory systems, and it’s especially important that we keep them healthy. Stay safe!

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