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  • LA Kids Giving Back (Lia and Hailey)

LA Kids Giving Back serves cookies and banana bread to seniors

On July 30th, we went to Sunrise Senior Living Center and served homemade banana bread and cookies to seniors. We made a speech about why we care about helping people, animals, and the environment and presented it to the seniors. We also made cards for the seniors and they liked them very much. They were so happy when we passed out the treats.

We got to know some of the elders very well and they were very nice. We met this nice lady on the fourth floor who had memory loss and she wasn't allowed to leave the fourth floor. She was telling us about when she was a teenager and she had a boxing group and one day they punched her out and she was unconscious. It was very funny!

Some seniors don't have any children or grandchildren, so it's really important to visit them and bring them joy!

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