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  • Brooke Rowen

OC Kids supports Choose Creativity

We held an art event to support Choose Creativity. The Choose Creativity website says the Lulu & Leo Fund was established in memory of Lucia (Lulu) and Leo Krim. The parents of Lulu and Leo stated on the website:

"As the parents of Lulu and Leo, we know that art and nature played a critical role in their short, beautiful lives and in the life of our surviving daughter, Nessie. We believe every child on the planet deserves the deep engagement with art, nature, and creativity that our children had, not simply for the sheer joy and excitement it brings children but for the powerful tool it can be. We have felt the critical importance of creativity as a healing force and want to ensure that these creative outlets are available to all children and communities facing adversity. We created the Lulu & Leo Fund to inspire, engage, educate, heal and grow the hearts and minds of children facing hardships, giving them lifelong passion, skills and — most importantly — hope."

Choose Creativity is powered by the Lulu and Leo fund, and is "an initiative that empowers children and adults through a curriculum to engage with the 10 Principles of Creativity to build resilience, creative confidence, and social-emotional skills."

At our event, we painted pictures with various words that represented creativity. For example, beauty, curious, inspired, unique, and present. We auctioned them to raise money for Choose Creativity and other non-profits. Here is our video!

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