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  • Taylor Rowen

CA Kids Giving Back - 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

November is the month of Thanksgiving, and a month to live your life being grateful. Like if your mom bought you an ice cream cone, be thankful and write about it in your gratitude journal.

It's pretty easy to do a gratitude journal. First, just get an old or a new journal -- it doesn't matter. Then, each day, think of things that you are grateful for. Then write what you thought of in your journal. Challenge yourself to do it every day in November. You can also do it after November ends. We hope LA, SD, and OC Kids Giving Back do this challenge.

I'm going to give you a list of ideas. Please do not think this boring, it will make you more grateful!

  • If you get a toy, be grateful and don't ask for another.

  • If your mom let's you stay up late, don't beg for more minutes, just be happy for the time you got.

  • If you have a play-date and the play-date is over, don't beg to stay with your friend longer.

  • You can be grateful that you have your house, food and water.

  • Maybe you could be thankful for your activities like musical theater or dance or soccer.

  • If your mom buys you a water bottle, write about it in your gratitude journal.

  • If your mom or dad takes off work to hang out with you, be grateful.

For the parents, you can read these articles on the science behind gratitude:

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